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Fears & Phobias

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Anxiety & Motivation


Chiggy’s sessions are exactly as described – Solution Focused Therapy!  Gone is the expectation of rehashing what’s gone before, Chiggy is fully focussed on embracing the future and finding your best way forward!  She introduces and develops your understanding of how our brain works and how this influences our responses to life’s ‘twists and turns’, and then she teaches the use of practical accessible self-help tools to allow you to get ‘un-stuck’ and move onwards, without the need to keep looking back – totally refreshing!

As stated on her website, “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react and respond to it”;  Chiggy teaches you the tools needed to react and respond in a positive and constructive way to allow you to enjoy life’s journey, regardless of the bumps along the way.

From our perspective, anyone who can help a 16 year old open up, chat freely and begin to anticipate the future with hope and positivity is worth their weight in gold – meet Chiggy! 

N - Glastonbury

Since lock down I have been having weekly 'zoom' sessions with Chiggy she is quite simply magic.! Nonjudgmental & softly spoken, Chiggy is someone you immediately trust. She explains everything in detail that not only is easy to understand but fascinating also. It has been really brilliant for me as it has totally re-jigged my sub conscious mind to focus on positivity. Chiggy has given me the tools, even when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, to deal with whatever life has in store. 

H, Oxfordshire

 After a work colleague recommended Chiggy to me, I contacted her for a 15-minute initial discussion, and it became clear instantly that she understood where she needed to focus her attention with me and what would ultimately become a life changing experience for me. In the past, I’ve tried talking therapies, CBT and numerous self-help books, however 3 sessions with Chiggy and she has cleared what I can only describe as a blockage in my mind. She seemed to have a way of explaining how the mind works and how you can overcome negative thought patterns and how you can move through situations. Chiggy shared numerous ‘tools’ for me to use in the future.

I am looking forward to seeing if she can help my husband overcome his fear of flying too!

C, Somerset

Chiggy has helped me immensely. After a tough few years, I struggled to cope and deal with my emotions, but she taught me invaluable skills that have changed my life! She is incredibly kind, knowledgeable and can explain (in simple language) how and why the brain works as it does. Understanding this has made me much more compassionate and patient with myself.
Our sessions are always proactive and full of tips/advice to help navigate life. She is, hands down, the best therapist I have ever had. I always leave a session feeling empowered, motivated, and had a good laugh!

R, Scotland

For the last month I have been having sessions with Chiggy to overcome some issues of confidence and inertia that I have been struggling with. I had previously tried talk therapy and found it unhelpful, but even after one session with Chiggy I noticed a massive difference in my outlook and my application, and over the month I have made progress that before our sessions felt well beyond me. I cannot recommend Chiggy highly enough.

F, Dorset

Chiggy's supportive and practical approach has helped me feel much lighter and more able to enjoy life.  Her sessions are positive yet realistic, relaxing and calm.  I have no hesitation in recommending her.  

I have had Havening with Chiggy for a while now and each week I have told her what aspects I would like to improve in my life, they absolutely have.  Looking back at where we started from I am so much more motivated and positive.  I especially love all Chiggy’s wonderful tips on various ways to improve my mood or situation by simply programming my mind.  She is very knowledgeable, approachable and passionate about what she does which makes her a brilliant practitioner.

T, Tiverton

Chiggy has been absolutely brilliant with our 16 year old son who started to experience severe panic attacks and intense anxiety.
Just a few sessions has completely transformed him, he’s back to his happy self again! He is much more confident and calmer than he’s ever been and he’s really thriving. He loved the sessions and found Chiggy to be extremely kind and understanding. She has taught him tools to help him throughout his life. He was so chuffed that Chiggy even came to see him perform in his play. Thank you so much, we’re all so grateful, we definitely highly recommend her.

C, Dorset


My sessions with Chiggy have been extremely beneficial. From the very beginning, she ensures that you have an understanding of how your brain is reacting to particular situations, allowing her techniques to challenge and change these behaviours. For me, this was essential in helping reduce my phobia of blood, as well as dealing with worry anxieties; it has helped to change my mindset. Chiggy has been available via Zooms calls, as well as 1:1 sessions, to ensure my anxieties are kept in bay with the use of techniques, which I can then apply to different situations. I will be forever grateful of how this has helped in my life. 

K, Somerset

I have had a lot of support from an absolutely amazing woman called Chiggy Little who is a hypnotherapist (amongst other things). It's not the type of hypnotherapy you might imagine: more a focus on calming and overcoming anxiety and specific fears. She was training when I was first introduced to her via a good friends very soon after my family was involved in a serious open-topped bus accident, in which my husband was critically injured and permanently paralysed. I was struggling with shock and extreme claustrophobia (all the trauma seemed to channel itself into this rather than something more expected). Chiggy has four children herself and a very interesting life and she has done some great work with my children as well. They have really related well to Chiggy and have responded really well to her support and suggestions. Getting through such a huge set of changes in life and dealing with the aftermath and uncertainty was really challenging, but Chiggy held all our hands all the way through the process and with this amazing support we have come through the other side as stronger people.

KB, Somerset

"I've learnt more in seven minutes with you than all the other courses I have done in prison put together; why wasn't I taught this in school?"

O, Forest Bank Prison, Salford


Chiggy is amazing. Our daughter had just turned 5 and had gone from a fantastic sleeper to being utterly terrified and screaming when we left her in her room at night (we ended up sleeping in the same room as her). We were all exhausted. I contacted Chiggy who was recommended by a friend. She listened with patience and sensitivity to our issues and suggested we visit her with our daughter. She was so welcoming and friendly - clearly a natural with kids and she put us all at our ease. She taught my daughter techniques in a way that is engaging to a 5 year old, and taught my husband and I ways to support her. It worked. After 2 sessions and a couple of weeks of working together at home our daughter was back to being a most excellent sleeper. She has always been a little anxious and Chiggy’s techniques have helped her manage those anxieties in other situations as well. Most of all it was really beautiful to see our girl flourish using the techniques Chiggy taught her, and be empowered to help herself. Chiggy really is the bees knees and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

D, Somerset


Everyone should have some sessions with Chiggy! Her relaxed but very informative style has made a huge difference to my son and given him tools to use in life. Thank you Chiggy.

K, Somerset

Chiggy works with our 11 year old son, he suffered with anger and anxiety through his ADHD and autism. I would highly recommend her, he feels so comfortable with her and that’s a huge thing for him to trust people outside the family, now he has coping strategies which keeps him a lot calmer, in difficult situations.
Chiggy is wonderful and understanding and completely nonjudgmental. She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. She has changed his life for the better.

DL, Somerset

My son and I have been seeing Chiggy for almost 3 months, and she has helped us change our lives, she has been incredibly supportive, she does not judge and speaks with a soft tone which immediately makes you feel at ease.
My son was very unsure when I first mentioned therapy, however he has completely changed his mindset and can’t express enough how Chiggy has helped, supported and encouraged him through his ongoing journey.


Chiggy was absolutely the right person to help my son and gave him the tools to cope with school and with life. I would (and have to many people) highly recommend her.

L, Somerset

feedback bea.JPG

“Chiggy isn’t one of those people who knows all about things but she knows about stuff. She’s the wisest person I know”

Fergus aged 10

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