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Charity Work

I currently work for two incredible charities.

Key4Life’s mission is to give offenders and those at risk a brighter future:

I am part of a team going into prisons across the country to promote mental health and wellbeing. This involves developing and delivering 1-1 and group therapy. We also work with young men at risk and inner city schools

ICARUS CHARITY was formed by two ex-servicemen turned therapists in 2017, in response to the increasing number of veteran suicides and the number of veterans unable to access the vital help and support they needed from the conventional services.

I have recently joined their team of volunteer therapists. I feel very privileged to be able to help people to find tools and techniques to clear trauma and thrive in the future. We are all familiar with the concept of PTSD. I personally prefer the term PTSS or Post Traumatic Stress Stage as it is a state or stage we go through but do not need to get stuck in. An emphasis on Post Traumatic Growth can help us become stronger, more compassionate, and develop a renewed appreciation for life.

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