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Everyone has a passion, something that gives them energy and ensures that they continue to learn and grow. I am delighted to have found mine and as a result I continue to draw on a vast and endless source of knowledge relevant to my field.

This, combined with ‘the hive mind’ provided by the fantastic Havening and Hypnosis communities that I am a member of, means that I have access to the collective knowledge and wisdom from all around the world to help me guide you towards your goals and true potential.

February 2023 NLP Practitioners Certificate

May 2022 In person Training with Freddie Jaquin 

Summer 2021  Practitioners Masterclass with Harry Pickens

March 2021 Five day on-line training with Tony Robbins

May 2020 Hypnotherapy for Children Diploma

January 2020 Havening Techniques® Certified Practitioner

November 2018 Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Certificate (DSFH) CPHT AfSFH

December 2018 Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma ncfe nch

January 2003 ASA level 2 Swimming Instructor

July 1993 Montessori Teacher

Holistic insurance Services number HIS61481

Enhanced Certificate Disclosure and Barring Service - 001607870730

Above: Weekly World Wide Havening Group

Below: With Paul Mckenna in London

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