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“Prevention is better than cure.”

Desiderius Erasmus


An increasing number of children and the population in general are suffering from mental health issues. There are a colossal number of studies and research on the subject and perhaps an overload of information in general, but is it adding to or relieving the symptoms?

Our aim is to focus our time and energy on delivering effective, fun, interactive and sustainable programmes in schools giving the children not only the tools and techniques they need to navigate our ever-changing environments but also teaching them how our minds work and how to look after them.

“A constant element of enjoyment must be mingled with our studies, so that we think of learning as a game rather than a form of drudgery, for no activity can be continued for so long if it does not to some extent afford pleasure to the participant.”  Desiderius Erasmus

All our sessions have clear objectives and messages and will be delivered in a responsive, dynamic, proactive and adaptive way, allowing students to fully engage and enjoy an immersive experience.

All tools, techniques, strategies and session plans are readily available for discussion.

About us:


Chiggy Little – Coming from a background in education, I spent 7 years teaching in Hill House International Junior School in London before moving to Somerset in 2000, where I have built and now run my own swim school.

In 2017 I started my journey into the fascinating and ever-changing world of Psychotherapy which has allowed me to work with people from all ages and walks of life. I have come to realise that, whilst everyone has a different story to tell and different challenges to navigate, the solutions are almost always the same.

These solutions are in fact deceptively simple. Learning to ride a bike can be frustratingly difficult and confusing.  Then suddenly, with a little guidance and understanding (and a lot of practice), it becomes an innate ability. Likewise with the brain all the solutions lie within us; we both create and solve our own problems and with some help and guidance this process can become easier and less traumatic.


"It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men" Fredrick Douglas


I deliver emotional resilience in prisons for a charity which takes young men out of prison and into full time employment.  This frequently involves the challenge of working with PTSD which is my specialist subject. I particularly enjoy following the profound changes in these young men as their attitudes shift from looking for problem to solving them.



Sarah Lemmon - With over 25 years’ experience in the educational sector as a teacher, DSL, headteacher and governor working with primary aged children in London and the South West. I retired as a London headteacher at the end of 2020, having moved to Somerset in 2015.


I worked at Key4Life for 2 years initially as Head of Fundraising involving overseeing stewardship of all funder partners writing reports accounting for grant deliverables and donations as well as working with the young men on the programmes.


I am a teacher and an independent educational consultant working with schools; I also tutor young people in need of educational support.  I am also training to become a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner. I am passionate about enabling all young people to reach their potential and lead their fullest lives through interactive, fun, responsive tailor-made provision.

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